EO.Trade is SCAM !!! Be Aware

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Hello Folks, This is not my first post here but yes first post in which i am going to talk about EO Ecosystem and will share some facts to understand if it is legit or a scam project.

Reason, i am going to write all the facts because i am also an investor in this project and feeling like cheated now. Along with that, i saw some folks who are still showing good face of this project and asking people to invest in it and buy EO Coin (native token) to support the project. I just want that everyone should be aware about this and make their own de

"Even, now they have started blocking people from their telegram and other social media platforms, if anyone asks about the updates. Like they have banned me from their telegram group, because i asked about the project progress and updates. They shared me the same update which was shared 14 months before. When i raised the question, they banned me. SERIOUSLY UN-PROFESSIONAL."

Brief Introduction Of EO Ecosystem

EO Ecosystem consist multiple products, i.e. EO Trade, EO Finance, EO News & ExpretOption.

ExpertOption (Trading Platform) - Fake backbone of EO Ecosystem

The ExpertOption trading platform offers trading on more than 100 assets including currencies, stocks, commodities and cryptos with high profit percentage on trades. The EO coin will introduce token-based accounts (It never happened) which are fully funded by cryptos but will allow trading on all asset classes. Additionally, token-based accounts will have higher profit.

EO.Finance (Wallet)

We will build our own crypto wallet which will support more than 20 cryptocurrencies and allow instant transactions through a web, desktop and mobile app, both designed to make blockchain transactions simple. The wallet will allow fiat to crypto transactions.

EO.Trade Crypto Exchange

Our biggest project will be the design and creation of a new crypto exchange that the blockchain world has yet to see (Big Joke). We will build an exchange made for the current and future demand of the market which will continue to add pressure on platforms.

EO.News (Portal) - Lost somewhere - No News yet on this

We will develop a pristine news portal which will provide reliable and continuous updates on both market and crypto news, on technical analysis and also on a large number of financial tools to ensure support for all types of investors. 


Fact Number 1 - Roadmap was not followed and now it is lost.

After May 2018, they have not updated the road map but still they tried hard to stick with the schedule and failed every time. After April 2019, they gave up and stopped working on anything.

Fact Number 2 - EO Coin Price Dropped Like Hell

At the time of ICO, its price was 0.20 USD and after that it was fixed at 0.50 USD. EO Coin was listed for trade in April 2019, which was originally planned for Q4 2018. All coins were stored in EO.Finance wallet when we bought them in ICO and to sell them at the time listing, we had to transfer them on EO.Trade wallet and then we will be able to sell them. Not a single person was able to sell their coins at the time of its listing, even it took lot of time to transfer coins from EO.Finance wallet to EO.Trade wallet. In 2 minutes, its price went down to 0.05 USD and today it is below then 0.01 USD.


Fact Number 3 - No More Updates After EO Coin Listing

After April 2019, there are no more updates about the platform. Whenever you ask admins on their telegram group, they answer like bots. Same answers for last one year.



If you check above message, you can understand the fall if you match them with their road map.

ExpertOpion Token-based account launch was set for Q1 2019. And, now it is Q1 2020, still they have no updates.

EO.Trade mobile application launch was set for January 2019. And, now it is Q1 2020, still they have no updates.

EO.News analytics portal launch was set for Q2 2019. And, now it is Q1 2020, still they have no updates.

CoinmarketCap.com listing has become a mystery for them. Even i have seen hundred's of projects and they got listed on CMC very easily. But for EO Coin to be listed on CMC, we are waiting for last 14 months so that our dream may come true.

Fact Number 4 - Fake User Counts

If you read their blog, articles or other information. You will find one thing very common in which they will mention their user count of expertoption.


30 Million Users on their ExpertOption platform. Trust me folks, i have been into many crypto conferences and event, and asked many people about ExpertOption or EO Ecosystem. Only 0.01% just knew about it, that it exist. Even if you compare their social media follower, you will understand what i am trying to say.





Even a newbie gets more follower on twitter. Only their instragram has 20K users, but still you will not find any relevant post on it.


Fact Number 5 - No Progress, No Promotion, No Events, In Short NOTHING

For last 14 months, i have not seen any promotional activity, advertisements, trading events, nothing. And, they have a very good marketing team to say. There are few general crypto informational messages on EO.Finance twitter which you can get on any crypto news channel. Even, EO team is seriously not working to make their EO coin strong and pump its price.


So, this is best as per my knowledge which i mentioned above. Even there are few more facts but i highlighted the major ones. Share you views in comments below and make your own decision for this project.

And, i know, EO team is going to ban me now from everything. But, who cares.

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