VeChain - Blockchain as a Service Platform - Proof Of Authority consensus Model

Recently i reviewed a project "VeChain" and was impressed by the way it is doing multiple collaborations with every size of businesses and enterprises and on boarding them on blockchain technology. VeChain has built their own blockchain and named it "VeChainThor", which works on Proof Of Authority consensus Model and has two tokens in their economic model VET and VTHO.

Since after Mainnet launched, VeChain has done many collaborations and offered his suite of products and services for on-boarding. This suite is know as "ToolChain" which is basically a "Blockchain-As-A-Service" platform and offers variety of options.

In below mentioned video, i talked about VeChain project and major collaborations. Please spent your 5 minutes on it to know about VeChain and their accomplishments.

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