Have you started your systematic investment in Bitcoin? - Bitdroplet Platform

It was my dream to invest in #Bitcoin but in a systematic way instead of traditional buying and selling. I was in continuous search of finding a good platform where i can start investing, but i didn’t find any. Even, Coinbase provides systematic way of investing in different types of #cryptocurrency e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. but it doesn’t work for India region.

Recently, Bitbns launched their new platform Bitdroplet which allows you to invest in Bitcoin systematically. As it is in India, i felt like my dream has come true. So, i started investing in bitcoin each day via this platform. It’s been like 2 months now and i am at 14% profit, which i never got in mutual funds (short term).

Graph of BTC Investment

I am getting more than 50% of returns on my Bitcoin SIP.

If you also want to start systematic investment in Bitcoin via this platform, please visit Bitdroplet. If you have some more questions, please feel free to join their telegram group https://t.me/bitdroplet or you can leave a comment here, and we will try to help you in solving your issues related to Bitdroplet.

Even, I created a YouTube video on Bitdroplet which will give you complete understanding of the platform and the way to start your first Bitcoin [Systematic Investment Plan].

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