Matic Network Overview | Stake Matic tokens to earn rewards | Time to make all new high?

Matic Network is my second project on ethereum blockchain which i recently reviewed and created a detailed video on this project. Best part of this project is that it is a layer 2 solution which is providing scalability and instant transactions on ethereum blockchain. Because ethereum  knows for its decentralization and secure smart contracts, but when it comes to decentralized application, lots of barriers come in the way due to less scalability and throughput to meet DApps requirements and it requires to pay high fees as well at every transactions.

These types of facts i covered in this video and along with that, i covered following items as well.

  • Matic Overview
  • Difference between sidechain and basechain
  • Matic Architecture
  • Matic Process Flow
  • Matic Token (ERC-20)
  • Staking Demo
  • Matic Adoptions & Achievements

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