Staking NRG Coins with Google Cloud VPS | Energi Passive Income | Make Huge Profit

Hello Folks, I was staking my NRG coins on a VM created on my Google Cloud account. So i thought to make a video to record all steps. I experienced couple of issues in entire process and took help of from Energi Support team as well. So i covered everything in this video. If you are looking for staking your NRG coins on Google Cloud VPS, please watch my video and it will help you with each and every step. 

In this video, you will get to know;

  • Configuration required to run the VM for staking.
  • Configure SSH to access your GCP VM.
  • Calculate your return on Energu calculator.
  • All setups to configure node and enable staking, including ( keystroke import.
  • Reasons of staking getting not enabled and how to get it enabled.

Manual way to import keystore file

I was informed by my viewers and followers that is down for long time and they are not able to import Energi wallet keystore file while configuring Energi node to enable staking. So, i decided to write this article in which i will mention about the alternate ways to import keystore file.

So i contacted Energi support team for the solution and they offered me couple of them. I selected the way in which we need to use WinSCP, as i am more familiar with it. So, i created video for it and covering all setups which are required to import wallet keystore file manually.
Note: This video only has steps which are required to import wallet keystore file manually, apart from that everything is same which i have covered my main video.

If you experience any problem while performing any step. Please put it in the comment section and i will help you with that.

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