UniFi Protocol - True Power Of Defi | Unique & Powerful Incentives System | Built by Sesameseed

UniFi protocol is developed by the multi-chain staking community, which is knows as Sesameseed. As of now, Sesameseed is operating nodes on Tron blockchain, Ontology blockchain, Harmony blockchain and planing to operate nodes on other blockchains as well in future. Under this protocol, we have many non-custodial, interoperable, decentralized, and multi-chain smart contracts which provides building blocks for DeFi development.

UP Token

UP token is the core of this entire platform. It has no maximum supply or not even created, but minted and distributed in direct proportion to the fees and other revenue generated by the entire UniFi protocol.


uTrade is basically a decentrailized trading platform which allows you to exchange one token for another, and utilizing liquidity provided by liquidity providers by rewarding them in form of incentives.


uLend is a lending platform, where lenders will have the opportunities to offer higher risk lower collateral loans, and open the world of person to person lending. Where, a borrower can anonymously create a loan and payment record, on-chain, which could be used as a form of credit rating.

To know more about Unifi Protocol, please watch this video in which i have covered this project in more details, even it inculdes a demo of uTrade, Liquidity Pools and Up Token.

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