$MPOND token distribution to BNB Stakers & Validators | Enroll Now | Marlin Protocol | Binance Chain

Marlin Protocol introduced Flowmint for distributing 20% of their MegaPOND (MPOND) tokens. With help of flowmint, Stakers and Validators of multiple blockchain can bind their stake and earn MPOND token, blockchain like, Polkadot, Near, Fantom, Matic, Binance chain, Cosmos and more.

This article is related to Binance (BNB) Chain, for which i created a detailed video for enrolling your stake to earn MPOND tokens. In this video, I covered following items:
  • Get BNB on Binance Chain wallet from exchange and Smart chain.
  • Stake BNB tokens on Binance Chain
  • Configure Matic Network on Metamask
  • Bind your BNB Stake to earn MPOND tokens

Although many things are covered in the video, but if you want to know about configuring Binance Chain Network on Metamask. Please check out this link.


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