Introduction Of Coin98 Platform - All in one Defi Solution

COIN98 is a platform where you can Swap, Stake, Borrow, Lend, Invest And Earn with crypto so easily, in short All-in-one Defi Solution. Its backbone is Coin98 Finance, which is a team of professionals that aims towards a future where the conventional finance market is connected to the decentralized financial solutions.

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These timestamps will help you to navigate the entire video.

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:34 Coin98 Finance
  • 01:00 Coin98 Venture
  • 01:32 Coin98 Labs
  • 01:52 Coin98 Media
  • 02:31 Coin98 Token - C98
  • 03:55 Coin98 Wallet
  • 04:23 Coin98 Portfolio
  • 04:45 Coin98 Exchange

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