What is DOCK? | A blockchain based Credential Solution | Stake DOCK token to earn passively

In this video, I am talking about DOCK which is a decentralized autonomous network for high performance credential production. I am discussing about its use cases, consensus model, tokenomics and more. In last I am showing how to stake DOCK tokens to earn them passively.

Dock was founded with a mission to solve universal problems with existing data solutions: data silos and gatekeepers, untrusted and inaccurate information, incompatibilities across platforms, inefficiencies with verifying data, and lack of control and privacy for users.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:37 What is DOCK?
  • 01:05 DOCK Uses Cases
  • 01:48 What is Digital Credential?
  • 02:22 Dock Blockchain
  • 02:50 Consensus model and its migration
  • 05:11 Tokenomics
  • 05:49 Staking DOCK token

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