Enable Smart Contracts On Bitcoin | Stacks Blockchain Overview | STX Stacking Demo

Stacks is a layer 1 blockchain which is built on top of bitcoin blockchain, to enable smart contacts and decentralized application to support staking and defi services using all bitcoin blockchain features.

Stacks want change this misconception that bitcoin blockchain cannot be used for any other thing except store of value. Because it is possible to innovate around bitcoin blockchain and enable smart contracts and decentralized applications capabilities. Stacks Consensus Model is Proof Of Transfer, which is also known as PoX. It is an Extension Of Proof Of Burn Consensus Model.

There is more to know about Stacks, so i created its overview video and explained everything about Stacks. Please watch the video and share your feedback.

Important links related to Stacks

Stacks Website : https://www.stacks.co
Stacking Minimum Requirements : https://stacks.org/stacking-near-minimum-recommendations 
Stacking Club : https://stacking.club
Stacking FAQ : https://stacks101.com/stx-stacking/delegation
List of service providers : https://stacks.org/stacking
Friedger's Pool : https://pool.friedger.de
Hiro Wallet : https://www.hiro.so

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