Everything you need to know about Polkadot | Nominate DOT Tokens Demo

I learned about Polkadot long back, since then i am using it and following it. Even, i always wanted to create its overview video for my community but some how, some other videos took priority and i always end up not working on one of my favorite blockchain.

This month, i took a pledge and worked on Polkadot overview video and tried to cover each and everything about Polkadot.

It is my request to you, please watch this video and share your feedback. Because i am too happy since i published this video and wanted people to watch it.

Timestamps Of The Video

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:41 What is Polkadot?
  • 01:18 Many Chains, One Network
  • 01:44 Features
  • 03:08 Architecture
  • 03:37 Consensus
  • 05:02 DOT Tokenomics
  • 05:56 DEMO - General Instructions
  • 07:35 DEMO - Create Stash Account & Nominate
  • 09:36 DEMO - Bond More DOTs
  • 10:06 DEMO - Modify Nomination

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