Stake & Bridge Matic Tokens using Polygon Web Wallet v2

In this video, i am showing everything you can do on Polygon Web Wallet Version 2.

Content bifurcation of the video is defined as per their timestamps and will give you idea what all its includes.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:31Few thing to know before demo
  • 01:27 Demo - Overview Polygon Wallet
  • 02:36 Demo - Transfer Matic from Binance to polygon mainnet
  • 02:36 Demo - Transfer Matic from Polygon mainnet to Binance
  • 05:43 Demo - Transfer Matic from Ethereum to Polygon mainnet
  • 07:38 Demo - Transfer tokens from Polygon mainnet to Ethereum
  • 10:09 Demo - Stake Matic tokens Important Links

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