Transfer Tokens Between Harmony And Binance Smart Chain


Harmony Horizon is a cross-chain bridge which connects two blockchains and enables transfer of assets between them. Which basically, locks the assets on one blockchain and mint the equivalent amount of assets on the other blockchain. In this video, i am explaining wallet configuration and all step to perform a successful action. Please watch and share your feedback.

Video Timestamps

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:31 What is Harmony Horizon Bridge?
  • 01:44 Demo Introduction
  • 03:12 Demo Part 1 - Transfer token from Binance SC to Harmony
  • 04:41 Demo Part 2 - Transfer token from Harmony to Binance SC

Configure Network on MetaMask

  • Configure Harmony Mainnet : Click HERE to visit the page.
  • Configure Binance Smart Chain : Click HERE to visit the page.

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