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It is being like 2 years now i am too much involved in this crypto world. I started my journey with exploring 'Tron Blockchain' where i used to invest my TRX on FOMO decentralized apps and other DApps to make passive Income. It was good experience, because i had loss and profit both. But it gave me lot of learning about how blockchain works, what smart contract is, how DApps are working, and more. Then slowly and gradually, i started exploring other blockchain too, like Ontology, Energi, Harmony and more. As well as i learned about many good projects, e.g. Sesamseed, Matic Network, Origin Protocol and more.

In this entire duration, i felt like, people are struggling a lot to find legit and good blockchain projects where they can invest and create their long term goals. So, to help these people, i decided to hunt good blockchain projects and create videos or write article to educate them about these projects so that they can take a good call for their investments.

We never ask or direct any user to invest any project or buy any crypto. We only talk about facts, achievements, integrations of every project. So that, after read my article or watch my video, users can make their own decision whether to invest in it or not. We don't take any responsibility for any kind or loss or profit.

Your support is always welcome and if want to donate any amount of crypto for our hard work for mass adoption of blockchain. Please visit "Buy Me A Coffee" to get our crypto wallet details.

If you have any kind of query or feedback or suggestion, please visit "Contact Us" and use any contact method, we will surely get back to you.

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