Ledger Nano S Giveaway

Ledger Nano S Giveaway

At 2000 YouTube Subscribers


  1. Subscribe My YouTube Channel : http://bit.ly/2OKIhzo
  2. Enable the Bell Notification
  3. Comment on the video you are watching, And, you can comment on multiple videos to increase your winning probability.
    • Spam comments will be removed.
    • One word (i.e. Hello, Good, Awesome, etc) comments are not eligible.
    • Duplicate or multiple comments on a single video will be considered as one comment.
  4. Following are the videos on which you need to make the comments.
Videos having giveaway ads
How to import wallet keystore file manually? | Energi Node Configuration | Staking NRG
How to invest in Ethereum : Bitdroplet Tutorial | Powered by BitBns
JustSwap - A decentralized exchange protocol for automated liquidity provision - Complete Overview
The Sandbox - Blockchain Based Gaming Virtual World | Complete Overview
Hyperion: A Decentralized Secure Map Platform - Complete Overview
Passive Crypto Income via Liquidity Pool | Statera: An Ethereum powered Indexed Deflationary Token


  1. As soon as my channel hits 2000 subscribers.
  2. I will make a list of all comments from all videos on which this giveaway was published.
  3. Each comment will be assigned a unique number. (any alpha numerical 3-4 digit number. e.g. 1V1)
  4. A random spin will run to pick any number between all assigned numbers.
  5. Result will be published in next video and later on twitter and website too.
  6. Winner has to share his full name, contact number and complete address to ship the winning item.


  • All custom charges (if any) will be handled by winner only.
  • Any wrong information given, like address or contact number, we will not take any responsibility of it.
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